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Flags Madness
Flag Madness is a Quiz Game. How well could you...
Play "Flags Madness"
Mastermind is a Logic and Skill Game. You have to...
Play "Mastermind"
Ski Rush
Ski Rush is a Sports and Action Game. Ski down...
Play "Ski Rush"
Jersey Maniac
Jersey Maniac is a Quiz Game. How many football teams...
Play "Jersey Maniac"
Classic Bowling
Classic Bowling is an Action and Sports Game. Throw the...
Play "Classic Bowling"
Miner Block
Miner Block is a Puzzle and Skills Game. The objective...
Play "Miner Block"
Katana Fruits
Katana Fruits is an Action and Speed Game. The goal...
Play "Katana Fruits"
Fruit Matching
Fruit Matching is a Match-3 Game. Matching 3 or more...
Play "Fruit Matching"
Gummy Blocks
Gummy Block is a Puzzle Game. Play it by dragging...
Play "Gummy Blocks"
Stone of Pharaoh
The Stones of Pharaoh is a Match Game. The goal...
Play "Stone of Pharaoh"
Memory Art
Memory Art is a Memory and Simon Game. The goal...
Play "Memory Art"
Flowers is a Puzzle and Skill Game. Connect all the...
Play "Flowers"
Apples is a Puzzle and Skill Game. The goal is...
Play "Apples"
Sweety Mahjong
Enjoy this colored mahjong game with sweety symbols!
Play "Sweety Mahjong"
Battleship Minesweeper
Battleship Minesweeper is a Logic Game. The game's objective is...
Play "Battleship Minesweeper"